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Hi! I'm Ashley. I'm an obsessed travel writer who has been teaching people how to travel smart and on a budget for five years.

And I'm here to help you spend less on your next trip.

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The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small 

I loved this book! Some of the best leisure reading I’ve done in a long time, and has become one of my favorites. Truly amazing how there are so many beautiful places in this world, and this book does a great job talking about those places and things to do. Highly recommend!

Destination Guides

The world is full of wonders to fill your life experiences.

As you travel to different parts of the world, you broaden your perspective on things like culture, cuisine, new places to visit, music, and the way people go about their day-to-day lives there, all of which are important building blocks for human connections. It provides the most beneficial hands-on experience that a person may have. The internet is only capable of explaining certain aspects of a plac.

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My favorite websites to find the best travel deals and secrets. for places to stay
Skyscanner for cheap flights
TripAdvisor for great reviews and hotspots

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